Vietnam’s premium Arabica coffee

Pull’s Coffee is a young brand name in coffee industry positioning to be one of the reliable coffee brands to supply the world with the best coffees from Vietnam. We are working with enthusiasm, honesty, as well as understanding of different coffee drinking styles.

Everybody enjoys their own way of brewing coffee. You like strong bitter taste, or very nice aroma with slight bitter taste, you like to make a cup of coffee by machine, or Moka filter or Vietnamese filter,… all are good. It is not right or wrong, as long as you enjoy it your way! Pull’s Coffee encourages you to experiment and explore the vast range of flavors which come from their premium coffee.

With the big dream of reaching out to overseas, our best Arabica coffee attended the contest “Coffees Roasted At Origin 2022” organized by AVPA France and spectacularly won the Gold prize for the Gourmet OR Arabica, and was awarded in Paris on 15 December 2022.

Let’s take a look over their product lines:

Robusta single – DAK LAK:

Vietnam is the country of Robusta, so if you like strong bitter taste and high caffeine, that is the good drink.

Arabica single – DA LAT:

The best coffee we are focusing on and want to introduce to the world is Arabica. Vietnam’s Arabica that is grown in Cau Dat, Da Lat, Lam Dong (high altitude 1,650m) gives the best quality. That is one of the top Arabica in the world and proven by our Gold prize of the contest “Coffees Roasted At Origin” just awarded in Paris on 15 December 2022 organized by AVPA France. If you are a fan of naturally nice aroma, sweet and sour taste, do not hesitate to try our premium Arabica Da Lat.


Or you are finding the balancing taste between Robusta and Arabica, just take some special blend coffees, with different mixing ratios.

EASTWEST: 50% Arabica + 50% Robusta

DARK HEART: 30% Arabica + 70% Robusta

MORNING BIRD: 70% Arabica + 30% Robusta

Drip bag coffee:

It is the simplest way to try a Vietnamese coffee drinking style. Just open the sachet and pour hot water into single use Vietnamese filter containing ground coffee inside.

Instant coffee 3in1:

Do you like a bit sweet for morning to earn full of energy? Each sachet is filled with a blend of coffee powder, non dairy creamer and sugar enabling your excitement for a new day.


Planting areas: Cau Dat, Da Lat, Lam Dong (Arabica) and Central Highlands – Dak Lak (Robusta), Vietnam

Premium selected raw materials: over 90% ripe cherries, size sieve 18

Preliminary processing: fully washed, honey or dry

Roasting: Light / Medium / Dark with modern hot air roasting technology

Production capacity: 4 tons/ day

Certificate: HACCP

Please find our product list here:

The products are available at our Dutch distributor’s warehouse. If you are from Europe, please contact our EU partner in the Netherlands to give it a try:

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