Vietnamese dried mango

Mango: Tropical fruit for lowering blood sugar, boosting brain health

Vietnam is ranking no.14 in a list of mango production regions around the world. Mangoes are grown across the country with many different varieties of mango such as: Hoa Loc mango, Cat Chu mango, pomelo mango… Each has a different shape, taste and weight.

This fruit is low in calories but packed with valuable nutrients. In fact, it has lots of fiber, vitamin C and polyphenols – antioxidant compounds. The dietary fiber amount in mango can support our digest system and prevent constipation. Moreover, this fruit helps boost our immune system thanks to the vitamin C richness in it. Its polyphenols are valuable because they protect our cells against free radical damage.

Mango is one of the most delicious tropical fruits and its dried slices are the best choice for the country which cannot grow this fruit. This healthy treat is chewy, tasty and naturally sweet with a little bit of sugar.

Each serving of mango is fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free. Mangoes contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals, helping to make them a super food. 3/4 cup of mango provides 50% of your daily vitamin C, 8% of your daily Vitamin A and 8% of your daily vitamin B6.