The 16th Philippine Food Expo 2024

With the rapid evolution of consumer foood preference and the growing demands for food production that goes with increasing population and stronger spending power, the agri-food sector remains the biggest employment sector in the ASEAN community accounting for 38% of its work force. As such, the agri-food industry is a top-ranked priority for the ASEAN integration, with bulk of their economic growth,trade and investments depending on it. However, there is much to be accomplished for its sustainable growth and development by raising land productivity and ensuring market demands.

The ASEAN agribusiness is also gaining power in export trading. Latest studies present great opportunities for intra-ASEAN trade in agri-food. Albeit a smaller share of 2.5% to total exports as compared to a 4.3% share of extra-ASEAN exports to total exports, its growth has significantly doubled from 2008-2011 with more growth potential projected if the ASEAN is able to achieve harmonization of standards across all its participating countries and address the technical barriers to trade.

With the rise of globalization of food trade, the challenge of keeping up with the changes in consumption and demand as incomes rise with population growth and greater economic prosperity remain. The rise of wealth and spending power result to greater consumer demand and a change in diets require more variety and nutritious food at affordable prices. These changes in urbanization and consumer behaviour are also evident in the shift of raw materials sourcing – from small farms to modern supermarkets. Food manufacturers and retailers may take advantage of this shift as great opportunities present themselves in the rise of global groceries and the increase of processed food exports. According to the Institute of Grocery Distribution, Asia’s grocery markets are forecasted to surpass Europe and North America combined within the next 4 years.

These evolving trends will be the central theme of the 16th Philippine Food Expo that will commence on April 12-14, 2024 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, Pasay City, Philippines with an expanded floor area of 7,000 sqm exhibition space.

As industry practitioners, the Philippine Food Expo (Philfoodex) is committed to ensure maximum exposure to its member companies and exhibiting participants as the country adapts to the fully integrated ASEAN Economic Community.

The 16th Philippine Food Expo 2024 will open its doors to business enterprisers to showcase their products and services to arguably the fastest growing economy in Asia.

Through Philfoodex, companies will be able to test the market, identify suppliers and partners and get to know the Philippine food industry from the inside.


Philippines is a very potential market for Vietnamese F&B companies who are actively searching for new markets aiming at risk limitation over traditional export markets that they are impacted by the world’s uncertainties.

  • Close distance, cheap freight cost and shorter shipping time.
  • BIG MARKET with population of 120 million persons.
  • BIG OPPORTUNITY as local people’s food taste is similar to Vietnamese people’s, they love Asian food such as rice, rice-based noodles, coffee, canned food and drinks, ready-to-eat products, snack, confectionery,… but ONLY FEW Vietnamese food brands are present there.
  • Wide variety of food demand from low to premium brands.
  • Filipinos like international brands and are willing to try new products as long as they love them.
  • Represented by business leaders, the biggest manufacturing, processing and exporting companies in the country, the event is supported by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines, through its various agencies such as the Department of Agriculture, as well as the leading business organizations such as the Philippine Exporters Confederation (Philexport), the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP), and organized by PHILIPPINE FOOD PROCESSORS AND EXPORTERS ORGANIZATION, INC.
  • Recorded 20,000 trade buyers, consumers and visitors (2023).


  • Beverages: Juices, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Wines & Spirits
  • Biscuits, Pastries and other Bakery Products
  • Canned / Bottled / Processed Food
  • Cheeses and other Dairy Products
  • Chilled / Frozen Food Products
  • Chocolates, Confectioneries, Sweets
  • Fresh and Processed Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fresh and Processed Seafood
  • Herbal / Organic Health Food
  • Local Delicacies
  • Food Additives and Ingredients, Flavorings and Spices
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Food Equipment and Accessories: Handling Equipment, Processing Equipment, Kitchen Fittings and Accessories, Refrigeration Showcase, Display Racks & Cabinets, Cutlery, Silverware and Glassware, Labeling Equipment, Packaging Equipment
  • Allied Industry: Franchising, Trade Publications, Bar Coding, Packaging Designs, Distribution Management, Food Safety & Hygiene, Test & Instrumentation


  • Exporters / Importers
  • Government sector
  • Hotel/ Resort/ Restaurant/ Cafe Management
  • Hypermarkets/ Supermarkets
  • Wholesalers/ Distributors
  • Trade associations
  • Food retailers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Culinary institutions
  • Institutional catering
  • Educational/ Research institutions
  • Mass media providers


Slots are filling up fast! Showcase your products and services at the most comprehensive food & beverage show in the metro. Let’s jumpstart your 2024 business goals at:

The 16th Philippine Food Expo

April 12-14, 2024

World Trade Center Metro Manila, Pasay City, Philippines

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