Special herb of Asia: Centella asiatica (Pennywort)

This slender creeping herb is especially abundant in the tropical regions such as Vietnam, India… This plant grows wild in damp, shady places up to 7000 ft. and can be commonly seen along banks of rivers, streams, ponds, and irrigated fields.The other common names of the plant are Asiatic Pennywort, Indian Pennywort, Thick-leaved Pennywort, and Gotu Kola. Pennywort has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years in India, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Madagascar.

Nutritional Value:

Centella asiatica aka Gotu Kola has a variety of benefits for the body. It is used to repair nervous tissue due to spinal injury, neuromuscular disorders, and to increase general brain function and memory. Gotu Kola is also used in skin treatments for a wide spectrum of skin conditions.

Pennywort can help our immune system from toxins. High blood pressure, congestive heart failure, venereal diseases and Urinary tract infections are a few range of illnesses that can be treated with this remarkable herb. Because of its antibiotic properties it has the capability to spead up the healing of wounds. It is also useful for a treatment against cellulitis.

Using the Pennywort gives relief to the swelling and heaviness in the legs, night cramps and haemorrhoids.

Pennywort Juice is loaded with vitamins and minerals: B, K, calcium, zinc, and magnesium. From an Asian medicine perspective, Pennywort has cooling properties helping the body to balance heat. Pennywort Juice is also believed to have many therapeutic and medicinal benefits.


Pennywort is available year-round.


Pennywort is most often sold as juice, but the leaves may also be eaten raw, dried, sautéed, or pickled. The juice of Pennywort is quite mild, but the fresh leaves have a much stronger taste and stand up well to bold accompanying flavors such as ginger, lemongrass, garlic, chilies, tamarind, coconut, coriander, fish sauce, sesame and lime.


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