Are you ready for the plastic ban?

What is the UK Plastic Ban?

From October 2023, there will be a nationwide ban on single-use plastics in the UK. This includes PLA straws and CPLA cutlery. This is already in effect in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and has been since 2022. The ban will cover online and over-the-counter sales, items from new and existing stock, and all types of single-use plastics including compostable, recycled, and biodegradable.

England and Wales will both be included in this from autumn 2023.

Are there exemptions?

Yes, you can still use single-use plastic bowls, plates, and trays if you are supplying them to another business, they have been pre-filled before purchase, or are filled at the point of sale. For example, filling salad bowls to go into your fridges as part of a meal deal or grab-and-go options. This includes trays and bowls that are filled at food counters for customers to take away with them.

However, there are no exemptions when it comes to cutlery, so you will need to switch to a reusable cutlery option or find an alternative disposable cutlery to plastic.


Alternative Products to Comply with the European Plastic Ban

SFB Co. Ltd., a social impact business and partner of Maap Trade, is manufacturing eco-friendly disposable tableware made of areca palm leaves and they are exporting to the USA, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada.

If you are looking for a more sustainable option, check out the list >> PRODUCT LIST

Together we protect our planet!